Kosice 11th CEEPC Success & Kosice Maraton Medzinarodny Mieru


CEEPC 2017  / Kosice, Slovakia  - achievements & memories 



              Logo - with permission


When Slovakia was asked if they wanted to host the 11th CEEPC, there was no hesitation.  To this end the Organising committee under the auspices of Dr. Mangesh Bhide put together a fascinating conference program and sent out invitations welcoming participants from all over the world to Kosice.  The Conference was a  phenomenal success and the participants were treated to an excellent program of Proteomics and local hospitality.



                                           Organizing Committee


The CEEP Conference was opened with speeches from the Assistant Mayor of Kosice, and Rector of the University in presence of dignitaries, the scientific committee and an international audience. 

Dr. Mangesh Bhide kicking off



                                        Professor Jana Mojzisova  - Rector, Veterinary Medicine - opening speech


 Dr. Mangesh Bhide



                                                    Professor Juraj Pistl & Professor Ľudmila Tkáčiková'


This was followed by an opening lecture from one of the Founder member of the CEEPC  - Dr. Suresh Jivan Gadher, who highlighted the present day challenges of proteomics and the progress that CEEPC had made over more than a decade of these series of conferences.  The theme was interconnectivity without borders or boundaries for the benefit of the younger generation as well as advancement of Systems Biology towards better patient stratification, precision medicine and global threats such as Zika and Ebola.  The societal challenges of  today including neurological diseases, ageing population needs and need for personalised medicine were also emphasised. 


A welcome message slide to participants from Dr. Hana Kovarova (Czech Academy of Sciences, Libechov) who laid the foundation to the birth of the 1st CEEPC in 2007 and current stalwart visionary founder kicked off the 11th CEEP Conference in style.


Dr. Hana Kovarova


Very warm welcome to all participants  - Grasp the moment, have fun and let your ideas fly !

                                                                                                                                                    Hana Kovarova - Founder




Thank you Slovakia


                  Thank you Kosice 


                                                 Thank you to the Organizing Committee




                 Big 'Thank you' to all speakers,  all attendees of 11th CEEPC and Peace Marathon



                                   'Speaker - audiance' interaction /  Speaker - Dr. Eva Klement, Szeged, Hungary.



 Dasha Cizkova



                                                           J. Hanes


  Poster Presenters   - we appreciated & admired your hard work & efforts !



                      Poster prize winner - I. Jimenez-Munguia - University of Cordoba, Spain

                      Prize presenter - Laszlo Drahos, CEEPC Board - Hungary



Exciting program ! ....exploring diverse Proteomics & excellent scientific, clinical & research ideas 

........see for yourself.


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                                                        Net-working over coffee


Slovakian hospitality

Food, more food & wine tasting in medieval cellar




And if that was not enough .............Kosice Maraton Medzinarodny Mieru!


Congratulations to participants of 11th CEEPC & Kosice Maraton Medzinarodny Mieru!




               (Logo with permission)

               Kosice Medzinarodny Maraton Mieru  - (translation - Kosice International Peace Marathon)  



The Košice Peace Marathon is the oldest marathon in Europe and the second-oldest in the world – first being the Boston Marathon in the USA. The first race was held in 1924.  Since then, the marathon takes place each year on the first Sunday in October. This year, the Central and Eastern European Proteomic Conference (CEEPC) successfully merged into the race weekend to enjoy a historical coming together with the elites of the World and to fully participate in this prestigious occasion. 




Interestingly, both the CEEPC ethos and objectives and those of the Košice Peace Marathon are one and the same, which are to excel in individual endeavors (Proteomics and Sports) whilst keeping at the forefront of our minds the everyday aspects of humanity, peace, and betterment of social and human health and life.  Below are snippets - we hope you enjoy these.  


Emphasizing a need for World peace  - releasing ‘peace doves’ 


Assef Fikre, Ruben Kiprop Kerio & Richard Kiprotic Sigei - (times below)


World Marathon times Kosice 2017:

ROBI Fikre Assef-  Etiópia - 02:08:34 (left) (2nd this year)

KERIO Reuben Kiprop  - Kenya - 02:08:11 (middle)  (winner this year)

SIGEI Richard Kiprotic – Kenya - 02:09:04  (right) (3rd this year)



Excelling (in Proteomics at the 11th CEEPC &) in the Kosice Maraton Mieru


Winner 2017 Kosice - Incredible Marathon time

Gold & record best 2017 - Reuben Kiprop Kerio  - Kenya - 02:08:11



Elite marathon champions sharing their views and challenges with us


Maja Vajda, Suresh J. Gadher, David Kemboi Kiyeng, Cheila Jerotich & Sheila Chepkech                   

Marathon times - Kosice for above elites:

KIYENG David Kemboi  - Kenya - 02:12:07 (2016 male winner in Kosice)

JEROTICH Cheila - Kenya - 02:27:32 (2017 female winner)

CHEPKECH Sheila – Kenya - 02:29:11 (2017 female runner-up 2nd )


Grasping the moment !

Participating &  reward  - one of many CEEP's  own Behamod!



Participants of the 11th CEEPC &

                                                                   Medzinarodny Maraton Mieru 2017


                                                                                                                            ..........   you are the winners !




                                             CEEPC &  MEDZINARODNY MARATON MIERU - 2017                        



                                                     Proteomics, sports medicine, harmony, & smiles



Bucharest Calling !


Announcing the hosting of the next 12th CEEPC

Felicia Antohe CEEPC Board, Romania    - bun venit în București​ 


Bucharest announcing the hosting of the 12th CEEPC    / 24th - 26th October, 2018


                                                                             Bucharest awaits you in 2018:     <  Click to View 




  Our other 2017 CEEPC Achievements  /  Publications / Objectives:


​Our  CEEPC '10th Anniversary Special Issue' Journal of Proteomics                          

            Please look at Journal of Proteomics 153 (2017)    







​Our Dacade of CEEPC Review (link below) in the  Journal of Proteomics 153 (2017)  

                       highlighting our Credibility,

                                                                  Cohesion and

                                                                                        Vision !


                                    A decade of Central and Eastern European Proteomic Conference (CEEPC): Credibility, cohesion and vision for the next decade is out in the  -                                               Journal of Proteomics 153 (2017) 2–7           

                                               click above to read




Our CEEPC Meeting Report in Expert Review Proteomics !                                                                                                                                                         


           Publication Cover  


A decade of proteomics accomplished! Central and Eastern European Proteomic Conference (CEEPC) celebrates its 10th Anniversary in Budapest, Hungary

Expert Review of Proteomics Volume 14, 2017 - Issue 7 Pages 567-569 / Published 16 Jun 2017
                                                                                       Click above to Read  


                Raising Awarness of Humanitarian issues that effect us & our planet


                                       Humanity < click to view



For and on behalf of the CEEPC


Hana Kovarova

Suresh Jivan Gadher