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'The Czech Republic'

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Synopsis: It all began here in the Czech Republic and this ‘spotlight focus’ gives an insight into their academic activities, ambiance and aspirations.




RNDr. Hana Kovářová, CSc.

Institute of Animal Physiology and Genetics and Centre of Cell Therapy and Tissue Replacement
Rumburská 89
277 21 Liběchov
Tel. (+420) 315639582
Fax: (+420) 315697186
e-mail: kovarova@iapg.cas.cz                                                                                                                        



During discussions over a glass of wine and with a beer mat as a notepad, the concept of Central and Eastern Proteomic Conference (CEEPC) was born out of a dire need to understand mechanisms regulating transcription, translation, protein-protein interactions and protein functionality in diseases.  It was more than a decade ago that the Founders of CEEPC Hana Kovarova and Suresh Jivan Gadher visualized the indispensable need for both proteomics and a forum to discuss proteomics. The term Central and Eastern European Proteomic Conference (CEEPC) was coined by Hana, Suresh and Josef Chmelik (1953-2007), who sadly passed away in July prior to the inaugral Conference in October 2007. 


Since then, CEEPC’s ‘2020 Vision’ has come true as it stands established as a Proteomic Conference of importance.  Additionally, CEEPC has come a long way not only for its proteomics but also for embracing humanity and nurturing societal needs. Careful balancing of proteomic excellence with evolving urgent global medical and societal needs, has ushered in its present-day success.  











Smažený Sýr



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