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Every CEEP Conference attempts to put together a robust meeting program by inviting national and international speakers to deliver exciting presentations and to share their recent research findings.  Highlights of each meeting are captured as a 'meeting report' in peer reviewed Journals for perusal and posterity (each report can be viewed by clicking on the links below )


Photos with permission      



1st CEEPC audiance - 2007  /   Hana Kovarova, Jan Kopečný & Mike Dunn  - Front Row


Prague, Czech Republic  - 1st Central and Eastern European Proteomic Conference & 3rd Czech Proteomic Conference, 29 – 31 October 2007.


Cover image for Vol. 14 Issue 23-24                                             


Tribute to Josef Chmelík 


      Credit: City Library Česká Třebová 

Josef Chmelik (Czech Academy of Sciences, Brno), laid the foundation for the birth of the 1st CEEPC organised in Prague on the 29th – 31st of October, 2007 jointly with the 3rd Czech Proteomics Conference.  Sadly, the same year Josef who was a stalwart member of the founder team, suddenly passed away. Josef, who had devoted his entire life to proteomics and glycomics, had a vision to create a dynamic and integrated research community inclusive of all cultural societies. This vision to reality, stands established for the benefit of many.  We remember Josef and his dedication to Proteomics: 


                   Tribute to our own CEEPC stalwart visionary:  <  Click to read

                            Credit: City Library Česká Třebová 


                   In memoriam: Josef Chmelík, RNDr, PhD           <  Click to read

                           Credit: Proteomics, 2007, 7, 3031 - 3032    
  • Tribute: Proteomics 2007, 7, 3031 - 3032 

    Photo credit & link article above with permission




Jena, Germany  - 2nd Central & Eastern European Proteomic Conference, 12 - 15 October 2008                                                                 



                                             Aleš Svatoš



Budapest, Hungary  - 3rd Central and Eastern European Proteomic Conference, 6–9 October 2009

Publication Cover


European Association (EUPA) Bulletin - February 2010 - Issue 2 - Budapest, Hungary  - 3rd Central and Eastern European Proteomic Conference, 6–9 October 2009




Vienna, Austria - 4th Central and Eastern European Proteomic Conference, 29th August - 3rd September 2010


Title: Significant Growth of Proteomics and the start of Metabolomics in Central and Eastern Europe – 4th Central and Eastern European Proteomic Conference welcomes International Metabolomics Austria.



Prague, Czech Republic - 5th Central and Eastern European Proteomic Conference, 19–22 September 2011

Title: Proteomes, Proteomics and Biological Systems

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Budapest, Hungary  - 6th Central and Eastern European Proteomic Conference, 14–17 October 2012


                                                                                Károly Vékey                        László Drahos


Publication Cover




Jena, Germany  - 7th Central and Eastern European Proteomic Conference, 13–16 October 2013

Publication Cover



Vienna, Austria  - 8th Central and Eastern European Proteomic Conference, 30th June - 4th July,  2014



Title:  8th Central and Eastern European Proteomic Conference meets 2nd International Metabolomics

Publication Cover 



Poznan, Poland  - 9th Central and Eastern European Proteomic Conference, 15th June to 18th June, 2015.


Title:  The 9th CEEPC together with the 1st Polish Proteomic Society

Publication Cover                                                         

                                                                              Łukasz Marczak



Budapest, Hungary  -  '10th Anniversary' Meeting' - 2017 



                                                        Hungary core team



Tribute to Michael Dunn for his contribution to proteomics by Hana Kovarova & Suresh Gadher 


Special Issue: Dedicated to Mike Dunn for his contribution to Proteomics as EditorinChief, November 2016

1) The cover image illustrates how proteomics bridges classical microbiology with a systems biology level understanding of metabolic networks. The backgound is a 2D‐DIGE image - Marvin Dörries et al. , page 2878.

2) second cover image - Glycans are not directly encoded in genes while the structure of proteins are directly encoded in their corresponding genes. Glycans are produced by concerted actions of glycosyltransferases and glycosidases and their expression is regulated at various levels including epigenetics, mRNA (transcriptomics), protein (proteomics), and metabolytes (metabolomics) - Yasuhiko Kizuka et al., page 2854.


Tribute to Michael Dunn for his dedication    < CLICK TO READ



Budapest, Hungary  -  '10th Anniversary' Meeting Special Issue' Journal of Proteomics 2017'   

Title: A decade of Central and Eastern European Proteomic Conference (CEEPC): Credibility, cohesion and vision for the next decade​









                     Ľudmila Tkáčiková



The 11th CEEPC Slovakia 2017 Meeting report

Publication Cover

Title: Pursuit of proteomic excellence and the excitement in Košice, Slovakia, at the 11th Central and Eastern European Proteomic Conference (CEEPC)

Expert Review of Proteomics, Volume: DOI:10.1080/14789450.2018.1469983




The 12th CEEPC Bucharest, 2018



                   Bucharest core team


The 12th CEEPC Bucharest, 2018 Meeting report

Publication Cover

Driving Precision Medicine through Proteomics and Metabolomics - 12th Central and Eastern European Proteomic Conference (CEEPC), Bucharest, Romania.

Gadher SJ, Antohe F, Kovarova H.

ISSN: 1478-9450 (Print) 1744-8387 (Online)  - Published in print on 17th June, 2019.






                      Felicia Antohe


The 13th CEEPC Ustron, Poland 2019 Meeting report                                                                 

Publication Cover 

Power of proteomics and progress in precision medicine – 13th central and eastern European proteomic conference (CEEPC), Ustroń, Poland, 23rd to the 25th September, 2019

Gadher SJ,  Widlak P, and Kovarova H





                                                                                                       Piotr Widłak

         14th / 15th Joint Meeting Report under review !



'16th Central and Eastern European Proteomic Conference jointly with the 8th Informal Proteomic & 10th Czech Mass Spectrometry Conference 2022' Report  - ready





Prof. Günter Allmaier 


CEEPC mourns the loss of one of our own - Univ.Prof.iR Mag.pharm. Dr.rer.nat. Günter Allmaier, who passed away after an illness.  He will be sadly missed.  We will always remember Günter as a smiling, gentle, happy person who openly expressed his views and opinions for the benefit of CEEPC.  Günter was passionate about Proteomics, Metabolomics and Mass Spectrometry and will also be remembered for his wonderful hosting of the CEEP Conferences in Vienna 

                                                                    For and behalf of CEEPC - Suresh Jivan Gadher 





It was not the 'Midas touch' ................but perseverance, dedication, hard work and tremendous sense of camaraderie which progressed and shaped the CEEPC of today for a better tomorrow as we look forward to the excitement of a second decade of CEEPC.