CEEPC & Lithuania

CEEPC Country Focus: 'Lithuania'







                 Vilnius Cathedral & Bell Tower                                                                                                   Vilnius Cathedral Interior



                                                Vilnius Cathedral & Bell Tower


CEEPC Lithuania Representative


  Dr Mindaugas Valius   -  Vilnius University, Life Sciences Center, Institute of Biochemistry  


Research Interests: Eucaryotic cell regulation mechanisms (signalomics)
Elucidation of mechanisms of anticancer drug
Drug repurposing to treat cancer
Nanomaterials for therapy
Cancer protein markers
Proteomics, kinome, phosphoproteomics 



The Proteomic Team


                           Dr. Jonas Cicėnas, Dr. Algirdas Kaupinis, Dr. Marija Ger, Dr Mindaugas Valius, Dr. Nadežda Dreižė, 
                           Silvija Urnikytė, Ingrida Lagunavičienė, Julius Žukas, Tatjana Akopova, 


The highly equipped Capillary and Mass Spectrometry Centre facilitates:

1) protein identification and quantitation in low and highly complex protein mixtures

2) the implementation of a de novo sequencing of proteins from organisms with unknown or incomplete genomes

3) discovery and quantitation of various covalent protein modifications

4) bioinformatic analysis to highlight novel functions and molecular mechanisms of various biological systems and their proteins.



Lithuanian cuisine, costumes and colours 



                       Goats cheese and traditional bread                                                          Cepelinai (potato dumplings with minced meat).



                      dumplings filled with pork, traditional soups, meat-heavy platters and even quirky snacks like pigs’ ears!




                                        Gates of Dawn




                                                                                      Wishing a wish


Costume & Folklore traditional dancing 


                                                                                     Credit: Lithuania Tourist Board