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Genome editing and the Nobel Prize 2020

The use of CRISPR/Cas9 genetic scissors, has not only revolutionised basic science, but will lead to ground-breaking new medical treatments.  There is enormous power in this genetic tool which can change the code of life !        



In medicine, clinical trials of new cancer therapies are underway, and the dream of being able to cure inherited diseases is about to come true. These genetic scissors have taken the life sciences into a new era and, in many ways, bringing great benefit to humankind.

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Protein Printing and AI

Protein Printing platform can create a new approach for drug discovery and cell line development for next-generation biologics. Such platforms may help to design proteins by predicting not only the optimal sequence for each therapeutic candidate, but also the conditions for manufacturing to enable production of therapeutic proteins that were previously not possible. Such a technology combined with AI (artificial intelligence engines) capable of interpreting disparate biological data types to answer biology’s toughest questions, may be the ideal combination for therapeutics that have proved challenging. Incorporating deep learning can help explore all possible protein sequences in silico, including those that Nature’s evolutionary trajectory has yet to consider as well as to identify drug candidates with optimal therapeutic properties.

Expression system such as E. coli expression system, combined with Protein Printing platform, may enable simultaneous creation of novel biotherapeutic drugs and the cell lines to manufacture them in a single efficient process. A single workflow may select cell lines producing drug candidates with optimal target potency and affinity as well as high-titer expression. Starting with a known drug sequence or with a target for novel drug discovery and complex protein scaffolds, such an approach may dramatically reduce timelines. 


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