Prague 2022

16th CEEPC  - Prague Czech Republic  - 29th September – 1st October 2022

Jointly with the 8th Informal Proteomic Meeting and the 10th Czech Mass Spectrometry Conference



       Prague  - late summer 2022


A barrel bench snapshot of the 16th CEEP Conference success

Bench in the shape of a beer keg sits in front of the National Technical Library in Dejvice, just a walk from Dělostřelecká Street, where Václav Havel lived. This is in memory of Václav Havel who also worked as a labourer in a brewery in Trutnov.  
After all, the brewery was the stage of Havel’s play audience, of which Ferdinand Vaněk was one of two characters......more importantly, Czech Republic was his even bigger stage with the 'Velvet Revolution' 


Bench Photograph & Prague history credit  - Marek Vrbacký


                                                The Bench of Václav Havel & Ferdinand Vaňek  - Dr Suresh Jivan Gadher 




   The National Technical Library in Dejvice                                       Very futuristic building with morden day graffiti



                                                                               Lecture theatre
Organising Team



 Adam Pruška, Marek Vrbacký, Martin Hubálek, Michael Volný, Suresh Jivan Gadher, Petr Novák, Juraj Lenčo, Pavel Bouchal 



                                                       Unsung heros  - Daniel Kavan, Michael Volný, Petr Novák & Martin Hubálek & more
Opening & Plenary lecture 


Opening CEEP Conference  - Suresh Jivan Gadher                              Plenary lecture from Karl Mechtler 



                           Petr Halada                                                                                  Carlos Cordeiro – Universidade de Lisboa


                                                                                   Berndt Wollscheid – ETH Zurich - via Zoom Link


                                                                  Light-mediated discovery of surfaceome nanoscale organization



                                   Viorel-Iulian Suica                                                                     Martin Hubálek 
Networking & Posters



                                                                                                      Petr Novák  & Michael Volný







                                                                                                                                      Poster sessions 


  Dinner on the Valtava                 


                                                                                       Boat Tour of Prague by night and dinner 


  Conference dinner on the boat                                                                                                                      Food, drinks and networking                                                           


   Poster Prize winners & EUPA participation



                                                 Siddhart Jadeja & Éva Csősz                                     Jakub Sys &   Michael Volný


Organised tours of the Czech Museum of Mass Spec during the Conference - a real insight into the developemnt of MS     



                    Want to take a virtual tour of the Mass Spec museum ? :
Awards Presented during the Conference:  
The Zdenek Herman Prize and Josef Chmelik Award.


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Photography credit :  Sincere thanks to all who contributed & / or with permission