Golden Opportunities for young researchers

                    CEEPC Young Researchers' Forum                                 



                                                                        Global Networking 



Challenges for young researchers' aims  in science and medicine

The 'CEEPC Young Researchers Forum' offers young researchers the possibility to meet and discuss medical and scientific topics and methodologies, share and develop ideas, learn from each other and gain knowledge from senior researchers and mentors.

Young Researcher Sessions are organised at every CEEPC meeting to provide a unique platform to Young Researchers and Investigators for presenting their latest research projects, ideas and the excitement that goes with them. Often these projects and their findings push the boundaries of medical and scientific research with immense benefits and newer directions to progress beneficial research.  Young Researchers from Universities, Institutes, and various Industries are invited to present a short oral presentation during these forums, highlighting aims and what they intend to achieve moving forward.



Benefits of CEEPC Young Researchers' Forum



  • Showcase research projects through oral presentations.

  • Exposure to latest research tools and technologies in the field for specific research.

  • Acquiring pertinent and timely information to progress research and benefit from support.

  • Networking and establishing collaboration among young researchers and diverse institutions.

  • Expansion of opportunity for collegial interaction with other young investigators and established senior investigators across the globe.

  • Possibility to interact and share ideas with both peer groups and mentors.

  • Opportunity for young researchers to learn about other ‘cutting edge’ research areas

  • Career development and actively linking to Institutions of interest.



Awards & Rewards

  • All selections are by the Scientific Committee of the CEEPC.

  • The 'Young Researcher Award' is awarded to the best oral presentation


Platform to present to an International audience



Oral Presentation Winner           



Power of  Networking



Learn                                                                        Share



Poster Competition

Poster Competition related to each theme of the conference is organised to encourage original research to be exhibited for the benefit of all attendees.  All accepted abstracts are included in such poster sessions and once again gives a platform to all budding scientists and researchers to present their 'real-time research' and share their views and thoughts.  The power of 'net-working' often comes alive over a nice glass of wine and as often said, "In vino veritas" !



                                               Poster prize winner                                      

It is evident from CEEP conferences that proteomics has promising and exciting potential across scientific, medical and all sorts of researches for the benefit of mankind. Additionally, fresher challenges and greater levels of urgencies to deal with healthcare issues, whether it be regenerative / reparative medicine or a clinical issue or an epidemic, certainly has the power to bring diverse research focuses closer. To this end, proteomics may facilitate diverse areas of research to partner with each other in order to reach the end goal of a new therapy or a solution.  


Participation of young researchers from newer countries joining CEEPC has provided a new momentum and a refreshing outlook, not only for the joining countries but also for the community as a whole fascinated by proteomics.  




              International connectivity to East and West of Central & Eastern Europe